Trouble with sync

I have sync enabled on my laptop and my android but it doesn’t seem like any of my information is moving in between my laptop or phone. Especially things like web history and passwords. How can I fix this?

I was just about to reply to this message confirming the same issue, but thought I would check through the settings one last time.

I had Brave set up so that the desktop options had my preferred sync settings, but for some reason they just would not show up on my phone, making password entry very annoying.

But - in double checking I realised that phone itself ALSO has to have all of these settings checked in order for sync to work - I guess these toggles are to indicate what the device will receive not what it will send.

Anyway - it might not be the same as your problem, but go into sync settings on your phone, then go into ‘categories’ and ensure all of the appropriate things are checked here, as well as on your desktop settings. I just did this and restarted and now I have all my passwords.

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