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When you captured the dialog using F12 on both Edge and Brave did you set both browsers up exactly the same beforehand? In other words, did you clear cookies in both browsers and did you exclude ATT.COM from any shielding on both browsers? The reason I’m asking is that I used a file comparison tool called ExamDiffPro on your two listing and it appears that on the Brave side it is viewing you as a new requestor but on the Edge side it seeing you as a person that it recognizes. If you did not clear the cookies, etc on both browsers this could impact the comparison. Regardless listed below are the lines that are different between the two browser transactions from your computer.

No I did not clear the ATT cookies on either browser. I’ll try it again later on after I clear those cookies (only.)

I think we are spinning our wheels here. This is really something that the Brave engineers need to get into. I’m a good software engineer, but not a great software engineer!! :slight_smile:

I was wondering. If you clear everything off and post two new listings I will capture them and run the comparison again. We may be spinning our wheels as I have no skill set in what either of the browsers is trying to do but if the comparison can help the Brave Engineers then we’re a few steps toward a solution.

Hmm interesting, Can this be re-test in Brave Nightly? (Shields off and on)

Todays’ update of Brave did NOT fix the ATT issue. I was hoping it would. Maybe next update?

Mac OS Catalina user here. Same ATT issue. cleared everything, went to ATT.COM, turned off shield, try to login, get the OOPS error message that was posted earlier in this thread.
Switched to Safari, logged in no issue.

I’m surprised that the Brave engineers have not gotten to the bottom of this because ATT is a major site and it makes the browser look more like a beta than a production product. All it will take is for one influential reviewer to say “Nice browser but won’t work with ATT” and it surely have a bad effect of downloads and trials. Brave needs to work on ALL sites that Google Chrome works on… well AT LEAST the major ones like ATT.

My guess is that they are all working on the sync issue, which I can understand is a priority over anything else.

All, I think I just figured this out. I was getting the Oops message from at&t. I noticed up in the URL bar that it said that Brave had blocked the site from using my motion sensor. I clicked on the icon, allowed access and was then able to login. I don’t believe I even have a motion sensor on my laptop so no harm done by allowing access.

Good luck, I hope that fixes the issue for others as well.

Just tried allowing AT&T to access motion sensors (on my Mac Mini desktop :-), no luck with Brave. Including removing all the AT&T cookies, and re-starting my browser once or twice. I can remove all the AT&T cookies from Chrome and log in, no problem. And Safari just works for logging into the AT&T web site.

Just for fun, using macOS 10.15.4, Brave Browser [Version 1.7.98 Chromium: 81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)].

Been this way a while now, keeping hoping that it’ll get fixed.

The motion sensor trick worked on my old MacAir, but not on my iMac. (Both run Catalina.)

Its not just ATT it is just about every website that i try to log into. Kroger being just one example

Regarding Kroger, what is the issue here? are you using the google signin or a email sign in?

email sign in, coinbase does not let me in either. once info is entered they both say there is a problem just like does.

Obviously, there is something (possibly some javascript) that breaks Brave with both ATT and Kroger.

My guess is that both ATT and Kroger have put in code to thwart the attempts of Brave to block their ads and the Brave team have either not seen this methodology before or have not figured out a way to mitigate it. My guess is that sooner or later they will. In the meantime, use Chrome or Safari or Firefox to access these sites.

I can test Kroger easier than ATT, but it’s unlikely they’re related to code against Brave. We block a lot of settings, cookies, trackers and fingerprints, so it’s not that uncommon that some site can have issues.

Well, I don’t know if it was a change made by ATT.COM or an update from Brave, but I am now able to login with Brave browser [Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)].

It now works for me… but what I see is that ATT changed the URL for their login page to one that begins with… Earlier it was

Before I could get it to work I had to clear both ATT history and ATT cookies in Brave, then quit the browser and restart it.

There was an update because before I did the above I did an About Brave (in macOS) and it made me relaunch.

(I wish Brave would put the date of their releases on their update page: )

Works for me as well. The URL that I have in my password vault that I use all the time is and it automatically redirects me to a very long UR and it did not work previously but does now.

I was hoping that the update would also fix login in but it didn’t.
AAA Insurance - another site can't login

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