Trouble visualizing Solana NFTs

No problem, here are some descriptions for each image:

Brave Images:
-Image 1: Brave visible assets - added new asset: ‘Waterfall’
-Image 2: Brave NFT gallery - throbber for ‘Waterfall’ (the throbber was shown for a few days, then the image holder)
-Image 3: Brave NFT gallery - image holder for ‘Waterfall’ (current)

Phantom Images:
-Image 1: Phantom NFT Gallery - ‘Your Collectibles’
-Image 2: Inside the collectible category DRIP
-Images 3 & 4: NFT Single view - description & details for ‘Waterfall’

I have had the exact same issue with pretty much every single NFT (not only on Solana) so I’ve reached to them. After four month of weekly exchanges, the issue has not been solved. All they could do was ask for the same info over and over and over like they did not even read what I wrote to them.

So far the only people I’ve seen displaying a functioning NFT gallery being devs, I am starting to assume the thing does not actually work and they photoshopped the whole thing.

could you do us a favour and try logging in from a different network and see does that solve the issue ? we are still investigating the issue. Thanks

what do you mean ‘try logging in from a different network’?

Like on your internet connection. Try from a different network.

One user mentioned that their ISP router was blocking IPFS connections and when they switched networks, it fixed the issue for them.

There’s nothing wrong with my internet conexion, I have other wallets installed and they work fine.

would you be able to run this in your command

curl -i

and then screenshot the results. We have an engineer that is getting similar issues to you and we just want to confirm the error that you get. Thanks very much for helping with this.

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