Trouble updating again

Brave Beta unable to update to 0.67.107. Getting error 0xA043090B. This happened back in version 65 as well. Is this a new problem throughout the Brave user base?

Thanks in advance.

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Same here! The update fails but I found out that it installs the stable version… Really weird.

Hi @jaybird and @Antipatiko!

Thanks for your post. What OS are you running? I can take a look.

Hello @steeven,

I’m running Windows 10, version 1903 (May 2019 Update).

W10 1903. I tried updating through the website and it fails as well. “Secretly” installed Brave Release like @Antipatiko. This happened in Oct. 2018 and earlier this year with 1809. Thanks for looking into it!

Uninstalling the old one and try redownloading updated version.

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That’s the ticket! Thanks.

Edit: The strange thing is I now have v 0.67.107 but my shortcut and application folder say Brave, not Beta as my now uninstalled Beta. This definitely warrants further investigation Brave team.

W00t! Glad that resolved your issue.

Would you call this resolved: Version 0.67.107 but the shortcut and Program folder show Brave, not Brave Beta? Hmmm…

Ah, sorry Jaybird, just now seeing the Edit:. Taking a look now.

I patiently await results of your investigation, in part to know if I should move to Release version or stay with Beta. BTW, we all move too fast in today’s world and suffer from global attention deficit disorder! :grinning:.

Haha, thanks for your patience. CC’ing @sriram for an extra set of eyes on this.

@jaybird @Fly_high @Antipatiko Could you guys give it a try now? There might have been a small hiccup on the update server when you tried. It should be all good now. I just tried checking for update and it works fine now.

Thank you for all the help.

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