Trouble syncing due to my disability

**Hello, all. First post here. I’m not a new Brave user, but have been using other browsers instead. I’m returning to Brave, but having trouble syncing with an Android tablet. My problem is, due to a disability, I’m unable to photograph the QR code. Is there some other way to sync my tablet with my PC without needing to take a photo? Thanks for your assistance.
BTW, I have latest version of Brave ( v1.41.100,Android version 11 )

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Additional Information:

Yes. When you go to sync and it opens the QR code, right next to the Okay button is View Sync Code. This is 25 words together which is your phrase that you’d enter on the other device to add to the sync chain. And on your phone, instead of QR, you tell it you have a phrase instead.

Thank you, sir. I think it’s ok now because of your assistance.


@Preacher1 Excellent. Next time you come around, if you’re able to select one of the comments as the Solution so we know it’s handled, it would be much appreicated.

The button is underneath each comment, along with the options to link, edit, etc. If you’re able to see, I’m attaching a screenshow below to kind of draw your attention to it. As much as it kind of jumps out for seeing people, it still goes unnoticed a lot.

New Tab - Brave 7_25_2022 4_43_59 PM

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Thanks for the heads up. Will do next time. Ed :slightly_smiling_face:

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