Trouble Showing Complete Web Page

I have tried to open this website from an e-mail a few times and it never completes the page ( It looks complete but it doesn’t have the small form area to fill in. I’ve pasted the URL to other browsers and it works fine. Is there something I need to turn off in Brave to make it show up right? I can’t find anything in the extensions or another preference tab that would make a difference. Is it a website glitch?

Okay, took a bit to debugging. I got it fixed. Update will be seen in the next 24-48hrs.

Well, the form part works now, but the button to enter doesn’t.

I get to “Step 2: Fill Out Your Information, Entry Form”, asking my address/DOB etc. where is it failing?

I fill in everything and hit enter and it does nothing.

Okay, this should help; (24-48hrs update)

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Well, it worked, but then I went to the DYI site to register there, and it doesn’t show the line on the form to put your email in and start there.