【Trouble Shooting Support Request】WordPress Verification Trouble


Here is the detail:

Website URL: https://lifeforearth.com/
WP Version: WordPress 5.0.4
Cloud: Google Cloud - Compute Engine. Noe: I use Load Balancer
Brave WP Plugin: brave-payments-verification Ver 1.0.4

I successfully installed the above plug-in and save the verification code on your wordpress setting. But, I received the following error message

Error Message:

“Your website, lifeforearth.com, was not verified because we could not find the public file at https://lifeforearth.com/.well-known/brave-rewards-verification.txt. Please make sure the file exists and is publicly available.”

I found lots of same trouble shooing on this community site. I think you guys should make detailed instruction to solve this issue. Or, you should give up this solution and provide DNS solution only. (I made it with DNS solution)

Otherwise, lots of publisher will lose interest in Brave, so that your project won’t scale at all.

I am the big fan of Brave and invest in BAT, too. These are my constructive feedback to you guys.



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