Trouble receiving ads, with a logitech wireless kb and mouse combo, mx linux

Hello all,

Returned again, having trouble with brave browser on mx linux this time around though, as have switched away from ubuntu based distros.

As far as I know on the latest version of brave, and keep mx linux updated, not using a gaming mouse, wallet says verified, connected to uphold, just not receiving any ads at all, but sponsored ads are going through?

any ideas? cheers.

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Could you check active ad campaigns at

Also, do you get any other types of ads you receive ?
Push notification ad / Inline content ( Brave News ) ad / Sponsored Images ( New tab pages ) ad ?


I got sponsored images, but just no notification ads, and do not have brave news toggled on.

On the fire tablet, I get notification ads, but just not on brave on linux.

thanks for reply.

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Please specify brave Version.
Also I’ll tag @Saoiray @rodrige to help. Thanks!

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Version 1.49.132 Chromium: 111.0.5563.147 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I did get 1 ad about an hour ago, after setting to 5 ads per hour, but even at 10 ads per hour, it is rare if I get even 1. Tried refreshing brave sampson a few times, clearing history, trying bennish notifications, utterly stumped. Could it be because it is the start of the month?


Umm idk. How many campaigns are being shown active at Sampson website?
If possible do share Screenshots.

Also what region are you from?

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From UK, England.

I am not seeing much, for example, for today, just 3 ads dont know if those are campaigns? Can screenshot if need be?

Yep. Please screenshot the Sampson Page.

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really not sure what is wrong?

@urbieredux If you have a Gaming mouse, maybe try this-

Also, does push notification test works for you?

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the test works, but the mouse is not a gaming mouse. will keep trying, hopefully things will get better!

@urbieredux You can also try and set the flag brave://flags/#brave-ads-custom-push-notifications-ads (just open it as a URL) to Enabled and see if it works. And ensure that Notification ad frequency on brave://rewards/ is not set to None.

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thanks, I could find the former, via copy and paste. all good, will see how it goes.

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