Trouble logging into cable provider with FX Networks online episode viewing


When attempting to log into my cable provider (Spectrum) through the web portal to watch a show there is an irregular validation sequence that sends me to the Spectrum website. After clicking the back button I was able to return to the FX site and remain logged in but was showing a screen that just said “loading” for 5 minutes before I hit refresh. The refresh immediately allowed the episode to play. I’m watching the show now but, I feel like the log-in process was irregular.

  • Shields were down
  • Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.4
  • Brave: 0.22.13
    rev: a8cfb160479f1d00d0769368eb440030182bb83b
    Muon: 5.1.2
    OS Release: 16.5.0
    Update Channel: Release
    OS Architecture: x64
    OS Platform: macOS
    Node.js: 7.9.0
    Brave Sync: v1.4.2
    libchromiumcontent: 65.0.3325.181

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