Trouble in the backend of WordPress

I’ve recently switched from Linux Mint to Manjaro and quickly installed Brave, Unfortunately I’m having some trouble while attempting to edit posts on my WordPress site. The blocks are quite messed up as shown in the screenshot.

I’ve never seen this in Brave before and have been using it exclusively for quite some time. I tested my site’s backend with 2 other browsers and all was fine.

I also cleared cache on my site as well as in Brave but that didn’t have an effect.

Using Manjaro Linux and Brave Version 0.67.119 Chromium: 76.0.3809.72 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit).

Thanks for any advice on this one, I don’t want to switch my site work to another browser. :slight_smile:


Can you check it by turning off the Brave Shield. Sometimes i too have faced the issue with the shield open while uploading entries.


Oh yes, good reminder. I forgot to mention I also switched off shields before clearing cache and restarting Brave.

Well unfortunately I had to switch to another browser to do any WordPress site work. Totally don’t understand this one. Everything worked fine in Brave and Linux Mint but here in Manjaro Brave isn’t playing well with WordPress.

I installed Brave through the Manjaro repository. Possible that Ubuntu distros have a more updated version of Brave than an Arch Linux based OS?

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