Trouble gaining access to Brave browser wallet/linking with Gemini

I recently traded in/bought a new laptop and forgot to sync my brave browser wallet to my iPhone prior to erasing old machine. I still have the ability to log into my gemini account and see the BAT rewards I’ve gained in the past, but I am unable to link the gemini account to my current (new) brave browser wallet.

When I go to Brave settings, and attempt to “verify wallet” it links me to gemini, I sign in with 2FA, and I allow Brave+Gemini to link and after a minute I get the error message “your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again”

I also am trying to use my recovery key to restore my old brave browser wallet, but that won’t work either.

Any suggestions?

Some references:

At that last link, 2 articles are deprecated:

“How do I manage my Crypto Wallets?”

“How can I add my other Crypto Wallets to Brave?”

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