Trouble connecting HW wallet through Phantom and Keplr wallets

Brave successfully pairs to my Ledger Nano S hw wallet.
I successfully imported and use my Ledger with Rabby wallet.
But I cannot import Ledger wallet onto:
Phantom wallet (“Authorisation denied”)
and Keplr wallet (stuck in “Step 2/3 Please connect your Hardware wallet”).
On Google Chrome all three wallets imported successfully my Ledger.

Any clue?

I’m running Brave 1.67.123 Chromium: 126.0.6478.126 64 bits over a Ubuntu 24.04 desktop.

@renatomsteiner this Banne person is a scam account. Hopefully you were mindful of the warning given and haven’t gone to their links and provided any details.

Anyway, let me tag in @Evan123 as he is from Brave and may be able to assist you a bit on your questions


Hello - Are you able to connect to Ledger Live successfully?

Do you see any errors in your Console when trying to connect? F12, then click Console.