Tried to swap USDC for ETH and ended up paying for Approve Unlimited USDC - 0x Exchange Proxy and it doesnt show token

I did revoke the approval but I don’t know how long it takes to reflect the token into the wallet.And it doesn’t show how much i have token it has been spend

@ashwin1303 Just wanted to give you a heads up if you’re unaware, but this Sandeep1 is a scammer. Hopefully you don’t follow their instructions as they will try to take everything you have.

I’m also going to tag @hub and @jleonard to see if either can help you. Just keep in mind you’re posting on the weekend and people from Brave aren’t generally active here on the weekends.

@ashwin1303 ,

The approval transaction that you saw is normal, but is only the first step for swapping an ERC-20 token. Brave Swap is powered by the 0x API, that is why you are seeing an approval for your USDC to be used by 0x.

Once you have approved 0x to utilize your USDC, you can then sign the swap transaction.

More info from Matcha (0x) on why approvals are needed:

Note that if you were swapping from a native-asset (ETH) to another coin, an approval is not needed

After you have swapped your coins, you can optionally revoke the token approval, using


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