Trello Will not get past login screen


I have moved all of my logins to Brave and everything is working great, except Trello. When I login in it just reloads the same screen over and over. I even tried it in Shields down mode.

I verified that my password is correct with a login from Firefox, and even had a colleague type in my password to assure it was correct.

After I logged in, Brave asked me to save the password, but Trello isn’t taking the login. Any Ideas?




More Data. IT also does this for Dropbox. Same thing. It works in Firefox. Checked password, even tried it in shields down mode. It will not get past the login screen and keeps reloading it.

I have logged into over 50 sites and stored all my passwords and the only two giving me trouble are Trello and Dropbox what do these have in common?

For the record I am on Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1



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