Tree Style Tabs, redux

Putting in another request for folding/grouping tabs in vertical view, my first. Maybe I’m wasting my time here and should be asking this in the Chromium community.

Basically, I would love too see the Tree Style Tabs from

If you want a case as to why, start with the description provided by that extension then come back here. There are over 180 million users of this extension, and that’s just what firefox reports from logged-in users (if I’m not mistaken). When you filter out all the ad-blockers, privacy-minders, and security enhancers from the list of firefox extensions (which you already offer in Brave, mostly by default), this extension is one of their most popular extensions.

The main functionalities I would like to see are new pages open as children of the current page when a new tab is created from a link, parent tabs can fold/collapse, and drag-drop reordering.

This single extension constantly brings me back to Firefox. I like Brave, but it doesn’t have this, so I’ll never love it as much as Firefox. Also, I know TST is an extension, but the closest webstore alternatives are restricted from adding this kind of functionality in any way that is even remotely close to appearing native due to the limitations on extensions in chromium. Maybe Brave can be more successful.