TransportSecurity flagged as malware and deleted. Is this a problem or legit?

Upon recent restart of Brave, my virus scanner flagged a file called “TransportSecurity” as malware and deleted it. Since then, I have been unable to connect the Phantom wallet browser extension to any dapps.

Phantom extension works just fine with current version of Chrome browser.

Please advise.

Mac OS / Current version: 1.41.96 Chromium: 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (arm64)

this might be the file

It may be unrepairable for you. So, I would suggest to back up your phantom wallet, unistall the extension, and re-install it.

Other users might be able to help @289wk

So I deleted and reinstalled the browser extension with no change in result. That tells me the issue is with the Brave browser itself and not the extension.

May need to delete and reinstall Brave. How do I do this without deleting all my saved bookmarks, etc.?

Bookmarks, Passwords, etc can all be saved by creating a Sync chain and saving your Sync code. You do that at brave://settings/braveSync/setup

What won’t be saved with Sync is your BAT. Anything that’s on Uphold/Gemini will remain. But if you’re unverified or anything, then you could lose your BAT. To quote Chris from Brave:

In the meantime, users facing a situation in which they have no custodial option and need to back up their current vBAT can manually copy-paste/back up their /brave-browser folder (at least on desktop), which will contain their vBAT at the time of manual backup. They can find a path to it in brave://version .

Not even sure who would be best to help on this. I’m guessing @steeven or @onyb if they can see this tag and respond. At least wanted to tag in hopes they can see it.

In the meanwhile though, any time you have an issue and need to hear from someone at Brave, it’s usually best to open a Support Ticket that way it gets to them and in queue. They do their best to navigate through Brave Community to assist, but it’s not guaranteed they’ll see or respond to things here on the forum. So support ticket is always best way to go.

Getting even weirder. Updated Brave on another computer to the same version and everything is OK.

Completely deleted Brave and associated files from this computer then copied over a three week old version from a back up HD. Everything worked fine. Updated to the current version and it’s not working again.

Seems odd that the same updated version would work on one computer and not another. Both are M1 Macs. One is a Mac Mini and the other a Macbook AIr.

Guess I’ll have to open a support ticket.

Thanks for your help.

Different browsers. Or did you ‘copied’ (installed) the browser on both your devices from the same backup.

I would suggest putting up your data on sync chain. Delete brave browser on your device. Re-install it via their website after downloading .exe file, and get your data back from sync chain.

Do not install the affected browser from your back-up. Do a fresh install from brave website.

Different browsers not synced.

Before I re-installed from my BU HD, I did try the “sync/fresh install from download” route and it didn’t seem to work for me. But after seeing your message, I did a little research on how to sync correctly and tried it again. Everything works just fine now, including the Phantom extension.

I was confused the first time I tried to sync because I was expecting all my open tabs to appear and they didn’t. I also wasn’t getting saved passwords but that was because I was unaware of the “Sync Settings” at the bottom of the page. Seems I’m all set now.

Appreciate the help. Thank you.

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I checked the transportsecurity files (image) found in Brave and also in Windows; I used VirusTotal (online with over 30 Antiviurses for each test), AVG, Kaspersky (online) and Zemana; All found clean files! I think this it is safe to say that, if thoroughly cheked, this file is ok.

In your place, after rechecking with other antimalwares, I would set my AV to not delete the file automatically but to ask wether the user takes the decision to delete, quarantine, exclude, …


On my Mac, I have a ‘TransportSecurity’ file for each Brave Browser user Profile’s . . . Profile folder. Example path:

  • /Users/username/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/TransportSecurity

The entire contents of the ‘TransportSecurity’ file, are in the first (and only) line:

  • {"expect_ct":[],"sts":[],"version":2}

If I create another user Profile, but I do NOT make any settings changes to that new user Profile, then its respective Profile folder has no ‘TransportSecurity’ file.

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