Transparent popup menus

Description of the issue:
The popup menu’s from any of the main buttons or for other extensions are too transparent to see/use.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Create a virtual machine using vmware player (I’ve seen this in multiple virtual machines, but not that I can recall in my host machine’s browser instance)
  2. Open Brave (could be brand new instance with no extensions, I have tried with new profiles as well and can reproduce easily)
  3. Click bookmarks, site information, brave shields, or extensions button to display a popup menu
  4. The menu is displayed, but very transparent, and in some cases near impossible to notice, in light or dark mode

Expected result:
The menus should be visible without too much transparency to be readable/useable.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Seen in Brave version 1.32.106 and for the past at least 2 months (I keep up with the latest builds pretty well so it’s been an issue for awhile)

Additional Information:
I only remember seeing this in my virtual machine instances (using vmware player with windows 10 host and windows 10 guest)

Thank you for reaching out. May have something to do specifically with your VM setup – on my end, I see the menus pop up and display as expected in both Win7 and Win10 Virtual machines.

I’ve reached out to some team members for more information.

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