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payments - Where can I found the records transactions’s of each wallet Brave’s? I tried in but I didn´t find nothing with my address wallet’s. I got my address wallet’s from “add-founds in Brave (BAT)”. Are BAT and Brave transparent? Can you help me?


Hi @cryptobosio,

You can find your contribution history by clicking History icon at Preferences > Payments.

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Hi @eljuno, I know this function. But I need find my transactions in the blocklchain of BAT (based in ethereum). I have the address wallet’s in Brave browser. I need look this address in blockchain of BAT. In this way it will be a transparent transaction. Do you understand me?



Ahh, my bad, misinterpret your post. :sweat_smile:
cc @chriscat @Asad @Mattches, in case they know any thing about it. :slight_smile:


The Brave Payments wallet inside your browser is like an account you have with Coinbase (except with our wallet provider partner, Uphold). As a result, it’s off-chain and not visible on the blockchain.

At the moment, most of the accounting is off-chain. (In the future when we move to more decentralized processes such as, e.g., state channels, internal transactions will still occur off-chain since state channels are principally off-chain technologies. Keep in mind that performing transactions off-chain affords privacy and massive scaling benefits.)

There are, as you noted, on-chain deposit addresses (such as when you click “Add Funds”) associated with your Brave Payments wallet. However, this address is not itself the same as your Brave Payments wallet. Instead, Uphold will associate the on-chain deposit address with your Uphold Brave Payments wallet/account, and routinely scan it for deposits in order to do the relevant accounting (such as adding more funds to your Brave Payments wallet/account).

The important takeaways are (a) that the deposit address is not the same as your Brave Payments wallet, and (b) that your Brave Payments wallet is akin to having an account with Coinbase (except with Uphold).

We are building scalable product with token utility for our 3.25M MAU, with tested and sensible options currently available. Our team is exploring and experimenting to prepare for more on-chain activity ongoing, as the space matures.


Ok, thank for your answer. I think that if Brave implements all of the accounting to on-chain it would be great and Brave would be completely transparent.


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