Transparency request


First of all, kudos to the developers I have currently changed my linux and android machines (and the windows at work) to Brave and currently very happy with the change.

Also, excuse my poor English as it’s not my first language.

I have a suggestion/request for the android widget, probably won’t be a a very demanded feature but i think that it will be a great addition, one of those that you will fall in love with when you try it. The brave widget takes a good part of the screen hiding part of the background, as i like clean interfaces, it will be great if there could be two configurable transparency levels;

The idea is, that when the widget is not active, the transparency is at 90% so you could see the background and barely see the widget, when you touch the widget, it gets activated and the transparency goes to the actual state (transparency 10%?), at the on_exit event transparency goes back to 90%.

Thanks in advance and keep with the good work.

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HI Enrique, that sounds like a really good idea, or perhaps adding a feature where users can set their active and inactive transparency settings?

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That would do the trick :slight_smile:

@EnriqueGB I’ll see if that’s something I can look at/ figure out!

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