Translator for Brave (especially on Android)

I think that a translator in Brave is very necessary to avoid copying the link and go to Google Chrome to translate the website. Thanks for the browser , developers!


Yes, I still waiting this function, that I can switch form Chrome.


I think that a translator in Brave is very necessaryŘŚ These features should be added in the browser to not go back to Chrome browser for translation feature only, thank you Brave Browser developers.


This is exactly what I was searching for, hoping it actually existed. Not having a browser translator is an extreme inconvenience. It is led me to go back to Chrome to open whatever website, and typically I end up staying on Chrome after the fact.

Browser translator for Android is a must, should have been in the original release. When releasing a product in a market like browsers, bare minimum you need to match the capabilities of other browsers. Especially chrome, it’s all open source…

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By translator you mean webpage appears exactly the same, but different language?
I totally agree. If Brave doesn’t implement this, maybe someone could create an addon.


Yes, is that what i reefer. One great alternative (but is an add-on) is

I totally agree! I live in a foreign country and I often need to translate pages!

On the Desktop I use the Google Translate extension: :package:

The issue is on Android tough :confused:

P. S. I think this should be in yhe category “Brave Feature Requests” / “Android Feature Requests” :blush: can somebody move it?