Translation of pages in Brave


I did a lot of research and came across multiple discussions.
But I did not find the solution to my problem.
In fact I installed Brave and it is for me the perfect navigator.
After going into settings to set the language on French my browser is well spent in French.
When I went to the settings below French I saw “This language is used for the translation of the pages” and “This language is used for the Brave UI”.
I say to myself very well, I sail and I arrive on a page in English I make button right and I do not have my translate in French.
I look in all the menus and nothing.
So I go back to the settings and I see that the box “Propose to translate the pages in this language” is not checked but is grayed out.
I decided to add German in addition to French and I can check this box but still no option on the English page.
So I come to you today to know how to translate a page in English to French?
Please do not send me back to Github I can not understand explain me step by step.

A huge thank you

@switch in-page translation is not available for Release version yet. It’ll hit Release channel soon.


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