Translation by google


Before requesting an extension, please…

  • Visit the list of requested extensions to see which extensions have been already requested. Search for your extension and give it a vote. Higher votes extensions get priority
  • Visit the category page to see the most actively discussed requests
  • Read the instruction to know how to request the extension.

If you do not follow the guidelines above, expect to have your post edited or deleted.

We’re not trying to be rude, we just don’t want to waste energy when we could be releasing new features and bug fixes.


+1 on this extension, however it may be better if the Brave team managed this technology more effectively in Brave so users don’t have to keep enabling and disabling.

Perhaps once the extension is enabled in Brave and after a user visits the website he/she desires to have translated, perhaps Brave could soon disable it automatically so users essentially don’t have to keep enabling and disabling the extension.

One other thing @Alecio rather than posting the guideline Brave set for the community, for someone who uses the technology it would have been nice to read your thoughts on how it can possibly better in Brave.