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On Android’s Brave, when I head to “Site Parameters” there is a Google Translate line.
But it seems the translation service is not implemented because it never asks for translation, like Chrome does, when visiting a foreign language site.

Is this feature going to be implemented anytime soon?


Thanks for reaching out @Ansett.

We’ll probably implement similar functionality but it might use Microsoft Translation service. You can follow along on github if you wanted to track the progress.

I posted an issue for it here:


I just installed “Brave” on my PC and this is a key feature for me to want to continue using it! Chrome is great in that respect…


May I know what the rationale is behind choosing the Microsoft Translation service? Is their free tier that accommodating?


Hi have just downloaded brave for Android and love it but really need a translate page option, any updates on this? Thanks Karen


I agree - the translation feature is very important for me as I search across multiple language sites for research.


Aswell looking forward to using Brave more and more when features like this is added.