Translate feature still not working

When does anyone from the Brave Team reply on this subject?


it’s a shame… but hey it’s a free browser, they don’t owe us anything.

I switched back to chrome for all my devices, automatic translation is a showstopper feature for me.

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Having the same problem.
Genuinely, the only thing keeping me from switching to Brave.
Had to go back to Chrome since this is crucial for my day-to-day use.

Any updates on getting website translation to work?

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Has anyone managed to get the built in language translation feature to work? My install is English native, with Japanese language installed and set to Offer to translate pages in this language, as well as Off to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read, but he app never offers to translate anything, it just prompts me to install Google Translate when I load a page in another language.

Nope it doesn’t work.
And developers are ignoring us totally.:cry:

Love brave but I had to switch back to Chrome…

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Greetings to all of us who like Brave browser. I was able to solve the problem, only in part, of this terrible inconvenience of the Brave translator. I was able to solve it by going to brave://flags/ type: Translate and enable the forced translator and then install the only extension that has helped me that I leave here , if you want to know how to configure it I leave a set of screenshots for you to use it without problem . In advance I comment that the extension does not work on all web pages, especially those with a lot of multimedia content, I do not know why sometimes it works and sometimes not but you can switch with the extension of Google translator. Let’s hope that Brave developers are really brave and read the opinions of users and solve this problem and integrate the translator in the same way it works in Chrome: integrated automatic translator. I will pray to the saints and light some candles for this to happen.

HEY! What is up with the weird links?

I was going to thank you, but these sites are very bizzare. It appears to lead to a scam of some kind.

How did you fail to even mention that??

Good friends. It is not a scam my friend, you are wrong in saying that, I do not do any of that. Let me explain, it is a link shortener widely used on the web that offers me a modest contribution for my research, you just have to follow the buttons and the advertising will pass to you so that you can access the quality content that I offer to all to solve this problem of Brave from the translator. Here is a video tutorial on how it works: This may be a question that others may have as well. Thank you for writing and your thanks are welcome.

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