Transition from old phone to new phone with only one SIMM card

GOAL: Getting over 200 bookmarks on my old phone to the new one.

I have one phone and one line. I want to get a new phone soon. Rather than simply exporting bookmarks to a text file, BRAVE pushes me to “Sync”.

So, when I go to Sync, add my phone to my first and only chain, and then exit, do my bookmarks get loaded (ahead of time) up to Brave? Or does the syncing only happen “on-demand” when a second device (the new phone) is added to the chain? If the latter, once the new phone is activated and able to download Brave; and be configured to “request” a Sync, the old phone will not have a SIMM/data plan to establish a path to the new phone with.

The write ups aren’t clear on this typical “only one data line” / “just got a new phone” configuration.

Thanks in advance.
Go Brave.

You do not need a SIM card to establish a network connection. You only need to have the phones connected to WIFI.

Thanks for the WIFI info. Is the Sync “on demand”, dynamic and device to device to device, or are the bookmarks uploaded ahead of time and stored?

(and thanks)