Transifex - Removed from GR Translators (With NO reason)


I just logged in Transifex and I saw I’ve been removed by Translator of Brave Browser. (for unknown reason)

I don’t know what are you doing but I spent much time translating the Brave. In fact in the past some kind of bot you using for auto-translation in Transifex, changed most of my translations while I spent hours.
A lot of the translations you (or the bot) added/changed are wrong in my native language. I couldn’t change it because I am not proof reader by your Team.
I’ve tried to contact you via email from the email I found in the Google Play but with no response and today which I saw I’ve been removed I’ am forced to create a Brave account to ask why.

I am trying to join again and I see that GR language removed completely? I see this message:
Someone has already requested to add this language to the project. Please select an available to join language or wait for this language to be accepted for this project and then join.
I am Translator for Greek language in many popular Projects and in other translations platforms and I never had a problem.

I attach some screenshots of the projects which I am GR Translator.
Edit: Screenshots removed for security reasons.

@Mattches @steeven

I have tagged some brave team members. They will look into it.


While I don’t typically manage Transifex, I’ve forward this information to the team to see if they can shed some light on why this happened to your account.

Can you send me your Transifex username and/or associated email address in a DM?


I’ve sent it to you.

I guess I won’t learn why I got removed from the Translators before the topic will close. :person_shrugging:
EDIT 23/08/2022: Well, I got accepted again in the Transifex but I still don’t know the reason I got kicked in first place and I guess I will never learn. anyways…consider this closed.

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