Transferring Brave data to a new phone

**I have a new phone, the Poco F5 and transferred all my old data, apps and contacts to it from my old phone, Poco F1. Everything transferred ok except all my Brave shortcuts on the old homepage.

All the links transferred ok but non of them work (including chrome ones.) Each link has an icon of the android head and the title of the link. I press them and nothing happens. I can press and hold, which then allows me to delete it. I tried rebooting the phone in the hope that brave would recognise the links.

I can now create a new homepage working link (after changing the setting to show links,) in the homepage. Still the old ones don’t work. Is this an easy fix or do I have to re create them all again? (All the mobile bookmarks transferred across just fine…)

Maybe it’s an android fault but can I re send sync the homepage links?**

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Connect old phone with browser links
    2… to new phone and sync

All data transferred including homepage shortcuts to brave browser websites should be in working order

Brave Version(1.59.117):
Mobile Devices Poco F1 to Poco F5

I can create new working brave links on homepage:

Yeah, will have to create new ones on the new phone

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