Transferring bookmarks to new install (1.63) after 1.62 couldn't update

Any ideas on how to transfer bookmarks (and toolbar settings?) from an install of 1.62.156 that couldn’t update to my newly installed Brave 163.162 on same linux machine? Lots of info and guides to do it between two machines but I can’t find anything about 2 installs on same machine. Thanks

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I’m a little confused — you’re saying that you had Brave installed running v1.62.156, it wouldn’t update, so then you installed v1.63.162? If that is the case then you shouldn’t need to transfer anything over — simply installing the browser with the latest updates is enough. It will look to see if a User Data folder is detected and if it is, it will use that one. If not, it will generate a new one.

I wish that were true in my case. Nothing in my bookmarks folder on new install. I haven’t deleted the old install yet so just need a way to get them switched over.

Just to confirm you now have Brave stable, version 1.62x installed and version 1.63? AFAIK that shouldn’t be possible as the newer version should overwrite the other if they’re on the same installation channel.

Additionally, moving you bookmarks by themselves should be easy — if you go to Settings --> Bookmarks in the installation that contains them, you can click the “more options” menu on the top-right of the page and then Export bookmarks.

Then, go to the same page in your new install and click Import bookmarks and select the file you created from the previous step:

Thanks for pointing out the correct way to find “export bookmrks”, I’d been looking in the wrong place and didn’t see the option. I was able to import the bookmarks easily.

And yes, i have both the old 162 and new 163 versions installed currently. No idea how it’s possible but it’s a fact.


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