Transferring BAT tokens from Muon to Chrome Version?

I’m trying out the chrome version, imported all but obviously the wallet is empty. Is there a way to transfer the tokens to the chrome version? Otherwise I would have to use the muon version for many months or increase rewards for sites.

Hi @standras,

You can transfer your wallet balance. On your old Brave (muon), open Preferences > Payments, click the gear icon to open the Payments settings. There you should see “Backup” button. Do back up by saving the file or copy all passphrases.

Then, on your new Brave, open Rewards page > Manage funds > Recover your wallet.

Hope that can help,

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Actually I was looking for this feature, but missed the tiny gear to open “backup/restore” menu.
Solved, thanks!

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Great to hear that. Closing this thread for now. Please do open a new one if you have another questions, reports, etc.

Thanks for using Brave.