transferring BAT to Uphold but not getting all BAT.

Yesterday I gave myself 6 BAT, and only 1.36 BAT came to Uphold. This is not the first time. I earn more and small amounts come. Why?

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Can you elaborate more about this?

I’m not entirely sure about your issue. Screenshot will be helpful too.

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I apologize if something is incomprehensible. My English is still not good enough.

I sent 5BAT (I mentioned 6BAT, my mistake)

I received information from Uphold about 1.36BAT

Thanks for the additional information @Repteyshi

  1. You should see the 5 BAT on your dashboard. And it’ll be paid once a month, around 8th every month.

And based on your screenshot, you will get it paid on next month payout.

  1. For the 1.36 BAT, that’s a payment for your ads earnings. Both is two different earning and payment.

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