Transferring BAT out of the wallet to an exchange

They closed the thread I’ve been following. Is there new word if we can move BAT from Brave to an exchange? How can I cash these BATS out?

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@dquet, which BAT?

  • You can not withdrawal free BAT that you get from BAT grants. Because it’s purpose is to help users try the Rewards system. If not used within 90 days, it’ll be sent back to User Growth Pool.

  • Two ways wallet is in the works. Once this available, you can withdrawal BAT that you earned by watching Brave Ads and your own BAT.

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I transferred some BAT from an exchange so that I can use some and see how to reward content creators, but I added too much BAT. I’d like to send some back.

I also added too much to one wallet. I realize that I can restore a wallet on a different browser but it would be nice to be able to send amounts to different wallets. +1 for this request

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