Transfering money to my bank?

Hi, I’m using Brave on my android phone and on my PC.
On PC, it’s linked to my uphold account I created a few months ago, waiting for verification, and when I asked them if something was missing or anything, they just closed my account and sent me docs without any explanation (I read the doc and there was no help or explanation in it), I asked them but they sent the same reply, still no explanation…
How can I get my money back on PC ?
Also, on my phone, I can’t do anything on my wallet page, it just says the wallet is running with uphold, and that’s all, no link or anything, I can just see how much I earned but can’t do anything with it yet.
I’d just like a way to get my money from PC and phone on the same account if possible, or at least to get my money back.

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