Transfered ETH to BAT yesterday, still not appearing almost 24 hours later



Where is my BAT?


Hello @espeto

Has your account balance updated in Brave yet?



No it still hasn’t appeared… can someone explain what is happening? Why can’t i access my money?


Do you see a message on the Payments page indicating that you have a pending balance?



It just shows this…


Thanks. The pending message should be displayed under the ‘Add Funds’ button.

What’s your OS? I’ll provide instructions on how to obtain additional information for investigation.



I’m on windows. It says nothing about pending funds.

If possible i would prefer to not have my money in bat atm, i’m not to confident with this system yet and would prefer to just have my eth back…


Can someone help please?


Please navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave and open ledger-state.json file (you can just use a text editor, you won’t be making any changes).

Please private message me both the paymentId and the card_id so we can investigate.



It has been resolved now, thanks for your help.


Great, I just received confirmation from the Uphold side, thank you for confirming client-side.

Going to close this thread, please don’t hesitate to tag me if you encounter anything else.


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