Transfere iPhone Rewards

You no longer get rewards on the iPhone; but I still have credit from before.
How can I transfer this balance to my Brave wallet (how does it work).

brave rewards cannot be transferred to Brave Wallet.

Thank you SmartyAadi.

Correct. That changed happened in 2020. It’s been a long time to suddenly want to say you have something and move it. Where have you been hiding? lol.

As SmartyAadi said, you can’t. It would have to go to a custodial partner. I’m not sure if you’re in a supported country, which is listed at to which point not sure if they could help move anything over. But you’d need to have an account and all.

Best option available to you would be to create a Rewards Support Ticket at and see if Brave can help. That said, I think it’s been too long and you’re just out of luck.

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