Transfer wallet

How can I transfer my wallet Balance from my iPhone to my desktop wallet? Can you help me?


We can’t transfer bat this way from one device to other. But if you connect both the browsers with uphold. Every month in the second week, the collected bat will be credited to your account. From uphold you can move to your personal bank account or invest in other stocks etc etc

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This one may help @Suad6571

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Unfortunately, this function doesn’t come on my iPhone. I’ve looked through everything and that doesn’t exist

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Where can I do that on my iPhone? I can’t find a setting option

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Unless you collect minimum of 25BAT in any browser you can’t sync it with the Uphold.

Man… I just found my old phone that I lost moving last year. All Android. Do you know if there is something like this that would work for me? I have a bunch of BAT in that phone id love to transfer to my uphold.

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