Transfer to new uphold account

I closed my uphold account because it is not used in my country. now i tried to connect it to my new uphold account, but a different account is already connected warning. How can I link that account to a new account?

please delete your email ID.
Raise a ticket at

@ersinkayaalti You can only have one account per person with Uphold. For you to say you closed your account and trying to link to a new one, it doesn’t sound right. If you changed countries, you would only have updated your information with Uphold. You wouldn’t delete and then open a new account.

That said, your options are as follows:

  • Reset your Rewards or Create a New Profile within your browser to start from scratch. All BAT in your browser will be lost. At that point you should be able to link your new Rewards to your new Uphold

  • Create a Rewards Support Ticket and see if they can do a wallet unlink, so your current Wallet Payment ID is not associated with your prior Uphold account.

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