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I am using the latest vs.of Brave on my iPhone SE with the latest iOS.
Can I import all my Safari bookmarks and other settings into my Brave bookmarks AND, if so, how do I accomplish it?


Hi @beeeechyfine

We don’t currently have a way to transfer from Safari on Mobile to Brave on Mobile. I have entered a feature request for this, which can be tracked at the link below:

We will be introducing Brave Sync for mobile soon. This will allow you to sync your Brave Mobile (iOS or Android) with Brave Desktop/Laptop versions.



Well that would explain why I couldn’t find it anywhere.
Also I am UNable to save passwords I enter the username and password and I DO see the key icon which I press on but all I get a window with the word:
in it. I close out that window and I am able to get into the webpage, which for right now is just the Brave community forum.
Thank you for any help you can give and have a good day.

L. Esposito


@beeeechyfine - how are you hoping to save your passwords? Using a Password Manager like 1Password/LastPass or do you want to use Brave’s built in password manager?


I use ROBOFORM now but I didn’t see that was an option.
Is Braves built in password manager secure? I know that with RF you need a master password that only the user knows.
How does Brave’s password manager work?
Thank you.

L. Esposito


Currently there is no way to important iOS Safari settings or content, as to my knowledge they have no export system. If I am naive in this assumption please let me know, but I do not think this is currently feasible. As @LaurenWags mentioned, when bookmark sync comes through, you can important Safari desktop bookmarks to Brave, and then sync that to your phone.


We currently support a number password managers, but as you know RoboForm is not one of them. We can add it to our ticketing system. It may also be worth letting RoboForm know you are interested in having them added natively to Brave. Bitwarden and True Key added themselves, and RoboForm can do the same.

As far as Brave’s PM goes. The data is only stored locally and is not shared across devices. We are adding fingerprint protection and passcode entry to the entire Brave browser in the next couple of releases, which should help with increased security as well.


So in the meantime is there any workaround in order to keep our bookmarks when changing phones?


Sadly, no, there is no available options right now. We are currently working on bookmark syncing, which would allow you to transfer bookmarks between mobile devices and desktop (including keeping them updated), but this is currently not available.

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