Transfer out BAT brave browser wallet

I’m little upset about Brave.

Try to just transfer BAT out of my wallet browser to another wallet. And i get a first fail 'cause i don’t have ETH (Etherium) to pay for gass transfer (fee).

After load the wallet browser with some ETH, i try a bunch time to transfer BAT and i get error.

Normal ? or the browser Brave is not finish this part ?

i see uphold again in the radar :expressionless:

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Can you be more specific please? What error do you get when you attempt to transfer funds?

just a fail of transaction sorry for using the wrong term.

i get this.


so the brave wallet browser doesn’t work ?? :expressionless:

Quick update, now on 19.01.20 (UTC +1) now BAT on my web wallet is pending almost for 30 min.

[Edit] that end pending now…but just wait almost 40 min just to get the amount of your wallet is bit much.

i think i begin to back step on Brave. The survey we all see talk about trust, that a lot to ask from Brave.

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