Transfer of MetaMask to Bravewallet is incorrect


Today I sent from my MetaMask Wallet 75 MATIC to the Brave Wallet.

Transaction hash: 0x29819489d362d9b394eed7a37ca008edd59e2d85be1b19aed8ff031e09fbdb5d

My Brave wallet address : 0x5e6b9e1fb79ec911401c9cdc782be7e47d2e553c

The report says status:

But I can’t see a 75 MATIC on the wallet…

Please help me with the problem.

You need to add the assest for it discovered by the wallet.

You can go to coingecko matic page and just a simple ‘Add to Metamask’ (brave wallet) and it will add it.
Make sure to choose the correct chain for it to be truly discovered.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work either

Did you add BSC chain, then add MATIC? I’m thinking maybe you’re on the wrong chain.

Yes I’ve tried a lot, what you suggest doesn’t work either

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Dennis Gertz

Can you link the page on the block explorer ?

Other questions:
Can you ensure you are the latest browser ?
That you are tried add Matic to all your accounts on Brave Wallet?

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