Transfer of GMT from Gemini exchange to Brave wallet not appearing in balance

I am using the new Brave wallet. Signed up yesterday intent to transfer crypto from Gemini exchange to Brave wallet.

Transferred 313.210061 GMT from Gemini account to my Brave wallet. I copied the Solana network address within my Brave wallet to the clipboard and pasted it into the Gemini wallet destination field.

Gemini reports transfer was successful.

In my Brave wallet it shows $0 balance under Solana though. But, when I click on “View on block explorer” within my Brave wallet Solana account it shows the tokens there … exactly 313.210061 GMT.

Why doesn’t this figure show up in my balance on the Brave wallet?

How do I access these tokens to trade or send back to Gemini, to cash out into fiat currency?

It seems like it’s just stuck there with no way to access it. See screenshots.

@jbk110 You will have to add GMT in Brave Wallet as custom assets on Solana Network. Go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio > Visible assets > Add custom asset > Select Solana network and input details of GMT token which I think is this one-

Do post an update.

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Those instructions worked perfect, Thank you.

The only slight confusing piece was two data fields when adding the coin … one asks for the “name” of the crypto currency and another askes for the “token symbol” … they are both simple text fields. I entered STEPN for the “name” and GMT for the “token symbol” … the token symbol is like a stock ticker short-letter combo … i.e. Ethereum’s token symbol is ETH.

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