Transfer local rewards to uphold

hi all,

i’ve a pc in which i’ve configured my brave local wallet. this pc cannot connect to uphold (firewall, policies, …). in other words: i can see my brave reward, but i can’t connect to uphold to verify wallet because of firewall policy.

is there a way to trasfer this rewards to my uphold wallet? i mean, using an eth address, a local file, an “export” or whatever is possible.



Hello again, @GPF68.
I’m sorry I missed your previous reply.

I’m afraid no. You need an Uphold account for that. And that mean you need to able to connect to Uphold.

mmmhhh… not good. no bookmark synch on android, no reward export from local installation…

thanks @eljuno

The team may add other method in the future.

Sync v2 is in the works.

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