Transfer ETH from another location

I can import ETH from another wallet to Brave. More specifically stratum. HK

Hi @balconibr ,

If Stratum’s Advance Wallet allows exporting private keys or recovery phrases, then you can use them to import ETH into Brave Wallet. If the keys are unavailable to you, simply create a new Brave Wallet, then withdraw your ETH from Stratum to your new Brave Wallet address.

Hi Leonard,
them, I’ve the private key but, the stratum site have been changed and, I don’t find how can I do that. Do you know ?

If you have the private key, you will need to open up Brave and navigate to brave://wallet/crypto/onboarding/welcome to start the import

@balconibr i just had seen scam post above. Hopefully you noticed Tommy3 is not affiliated with Brave and you didn’t go through their link.

Plain and simple, they were a scammer.

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