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Hey, I have a question about verifying Brave wallet. Can’t do it despite the fact that my Uphold account is registered on norwegian residential adress and Norway is supported country. Everytime I try do verify I get this message like below. Do you know any solution? :slight_smile:

"Your Uphold account cannot be linked to your Brave Rewards profile. Your Uphold account is registered in a country that currently does not support Brave Rewards profile connections.

See the updated list of regions served and learn more about linking your trust account to your Brave Rewards profile."

probably best to file a support ticket here:

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Give us a few days because there are some issues Rewards team is working on, which hopefully will push payments through for current payments. If you’re having issues with payments after next week, submit a Support Ticket

Got this info here

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Thank you for answer! :slight_smile:

Umm, you avoided one of the more important part. Where is your passport from? When you did your KYC/AML, could you have submitted a passport or other form of documentation to show you lived outside of Norway?

If the answer is yes, that’s your problem. Connecting to Gemini/Uphold goes by your KYC/AML documents AND your profile. If they conflict or are for a country that is not supported, then it won’t let you connect. Verifying address is nothing, it’s very easy to fake. Hence why the passport or other photo ID showing residency/nationality is the most important.

Just FYI, that was for people surrounding Gemini. Might apply to both, but focus was speaking about Gemini payments and people who had been automatically disconnected.

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That is a good point because I am verifyed by polish passport and Poland is not supported by Uphold/Brave. I live permanently in Norway from 9 years but I guess that does not matter. Then I will just wait :slight_smile: Thank you!

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