Transfer bat rewards to Brave wallet

Description of the issue:

I use the implemented version of brave wallet located in settings and then brave wallet.

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.37.116, chromium 100

My inquiry is how to send my brave rewards located In the browser in the Brave wallet???

Additional Information:

there is 2 way: One call Gemini other Uphold the two hot wallets integred in Brave

I think the main problem of Brave is that the Bat browser’s are virtual until you claim them and transfer to a Wallet. It were a good thing and totally logical that Brave allows to tranfer it to Brave wallet. Only I can guess that Bave have a bussines with this two companies. Bave rewards will be transfered to them and this two companies get better conditions and rewards to Brave owners for bring them customers, flow and recognition. If not, it has no sense.

@Danvor You have to use one of the custodial providers, Gemini or Uphold, to convert your vBAT to BAT. Once in your custodial account, you can transfer your BAT to the Brave Wallet if you want.

There are many reasons, both financial and regulatory, that prevent Brave from being able to have vBAT directly converted and deposited in the Brave Wallet. I have posted a short explanation below. More detailed information can be found within the PSA: FAQ topic, if you search the forums for other topics, and in Help Center articles.

Source: PSA: User FAQ

Can I get my BAT from Brave Rewards in my Brave Wallet?

No, this is not possible at this time. The reasons for this are:

  1. Brave would need to do KYC/AML compliance. This would require them to gather very personal information from every person using Brave and then they’d have to share that information with governments.
  2. In addition, Brave would need a money transmitter license.
    Those are both things that Brave does not wish to do at this time as it’s a lot of money and government oversight that they would have to worry about, some of which would end up being an invasion of User privacy.
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Very helpful - thanks for explaining this really well.

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