Transfer BAT Estimated Earnings

Hello, I’ve recently swtiched to Brave beta since the standard version became extremely buggy, a lot of pages didn’t load correctly (from what i’ve read seem about gpu cache issue) and couldn’t longer receive ads from the platform for whatever reason. Anyway, for now everything seem fine however I would like to transfer back my estimate earning (before the program stopped working), I’ve already read about transfer the data folder but not sure how much different are the standard to the beta one so better no risk it (or perhaps is precisely the standart data folder that got corrupted), what i would like to do is transfer only that specific folder much like there is the “BraveWallet” one.
Do anybody know the name of it?

Somehow managed alone :slight_smile:
Always under the “data” folder, check the “Default” folder and make a backup of the “ads_service”

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