Transfer ADA from Binance to Brave Wallet

Hello, I transfered ADA from Binance to the Brave Wallet. transaction is completed but never received in my brave wallet.
Can u help on this?


You may need to add/activate the token manually in order to see it in your wallet. Make sure that you activate the token with the correct network you used for the transaction.

@heloht The answer was given by rodrige but I figured I’d drop in to rephrase and explain, just in case doesn’t make sense to you or anyone else seeing it.

Brave Wallet is working on improving to automatically recognize crypto, otherwise known as assets. For now though, it primarily comes “preloaded” with some that are “visible.” Outside of that they have to be checked off to be visible or, in some cases, have to be added to the wallet’s database before you can make it visible.

To do all of this, you would go to Brave Wallet and selected the + Visible Assets button.

New Tab - Brave 12_17_2022 11_19_08

From there, you’ll see a full list of crypto. If there’s a check in the box, then it’s active to be able to be seen within your browser. If it’s not selected, then they can still exist but won’t be displayed to you.

Photos 12_17_2022 11_21_20

You can use the Search box on top to search for the particular crypto, such as ADA, which when I did you see as below, where it’s not checked. So browser wouldn’t be showing the asset for me.

Captures 12_17_2022 11_22_30

But let’s pretend it didn’t show or that the ADA came from a different chain, then we’d have to go to Add Custom Asset that you see on top of the box and fill out the info in the box that comes up:

After adding custom asset, it will be added to the list. I forget if it naturally is checked or if you have to go back and check the box for it to be visible.

Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation. :+1:
It was exactly what I had to do. Just adding ADA to the visible assets.
Thanks also to the live chat support for the solution.
Great suppppport guys👏🏻

Brave doesn’t have Live Chat. If you’re just referring to us being quick to respond, that’s one thing. But if anyone referred you to any “live chat” then it’s a scam.

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