Transcription of Weekly Community Call (27/09/20222)

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If somebody can do it with the Medium or Large model it will be pretty good as base model is not that good (in the below transcription it says Manifest E3 instead of Manifest V3). My device cannot handle this big models due to GPU limitations. For me, it might be possible to do it with Small model.
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The call was conducted by Luke Mulks from brave on Tuesday 27/09/2022.

I mean, up to you, but yeah. No, no, what’s new, man? Like what’s going on with you? Yeah, lots of good stuff. So like the last few weeks, update on the Discord server were nearing 9,000 in there. What? Yeah. 9,000? Yeah, it’s an 8875 right now. So it’s blown up with the Bravettes. So obviously the Bravettes work. We’ll just step back a second. So where was the count when we started that? And we’re around 3,500. It’s amazing. So yeah, pretty crazy results there. Of course, yeah, I’d like a little more engagement going on in there from so many. But there’s new people that have come in and are back somewhat active. So maybe it’s on us to capitalize on that a little better. But from a numbers process, back then it’s certainly, yeah, it’s gone crazy. So yeah, that being said, Thursday we’ve got a pretty big kind of party going on where we’ve got a few different things. We had some trivia. We got, I think we’re going to be doing karaoke. We’re going to be doing some giveaways. It’s just a lot of fun things on Thursday. So you have a lookout for that kind of stuff. And then also the poll app today will be in the server as well. For Thursday, what time does the event have to be where do people need to go to join them? So yeah, so it’ll be in the Bat Brigade Discord server, which is slash bat brigade. And the time, man, I had that here. I’m not sure exactly. It’s all good. It’s for several hours on Thursday. So let’s put it in the chat for it. Yeah, I’ll give it in there for sure. That’d be great. Just so folks know where to go. And because yeah, it’ll be I’ll be in there for sure for a little bit. And I know Jimmy, Jimmy couldn’t make it today. But I’m going to I’ll see if he can join to you for a little bit too. We’ll have a rare Luke’s siding in the Discord server. Oh my gosh, it’s you think take me there. I hear the dogs from them in the background of phone calls all day. And that’s it right there. Anyway, now that sounds great, man. And wow, that’s amazing to hear about that growth. Like nine thousand. Yeah, nothing I didn’t expect you to go up that high. Yeah, either. I think Sharal just posted in the thing. It’s from looks like a lab in the four Eastern. All right. Well, it’s the early in the morning for you getting started, I guess. Well, it’s no biggie. Yeah. Good. Well, it’ll last for it’s like five hours. So you don’t have to be there all the time or anything like that. Just hop in whenever. Are we, are there any spaces this week scheduled or? Yes, we will have our Friday one for sure. I don’t know yet who that is trying to get that figured out. I wonder, I’m not sure if Jenny will be on today. Maybe she has more information. If not, we’ll get that scheduled and let everybody know soon as we know. Cool, cool. Excellent. Excellent. That sounds like fun. So be sure to join on Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern in the brigade discord. And yeah, wow, nine thousand. That’s amazing. Awesome. Thanks for the update Drew. And I see Bowser’s here too. How’s it going, Bob? Good. Just no Tuesday. Tuesday, right on. I was glad to see that you’ll tweet something out about Matt S B3. That’s that was good. Yeah, yeah, no, that’s, that’s a good, that’s a good point. So in the know, I believe the teams working on a post around this too to kind of put it some more detail there. But I’m glad you mentioned that. So, so, you know, back when this manifest E3 thing is getting more presidential because it’s looking like it’s going to land soon by Chrome. And what they’re basically doing is there’s a, there’s a web request API that extensions use for blocking ad requests and they’re making a change to that API that’s going to limit the amount of blocking you can do basically like at a high level. And news started to bubble up around this in 2019 if I recall correctly. And it was right around then that the team, our research team at the time was and other teams in Brave were reengineering our ad blocking and tracking retention engine in Rust. And they put it natively in the browser, which basically like kind of set Brave up into a position to where these manifest E3 changes basically we don’t necessarily apply to the browser of to us a Brave as far as like ad blocking goes. So as you see more noise about this, I think like one takeaway is that you know, no, you’re ad blocking experience in Brave is not going to be negatively impacted by this. If you use some extensions in Brave or if you use ad blocking extensions in Chrome, they will be the ones in Chrome will be impacted by this. And so yeah, so just to kind of clear the air, you’re not going to see any, you know, penalties on the blocking when this does roll out on the Chrome side. So and one other thing I’m trying to do now is I have a couple of feelers out to privacy and in our web compact team to see if they want to join the call either next week or whenever they’re able to make it to kind of dig into some more the Cray actually on Twitter made a really good suggestion to see if we could have somebody from the privacy team come on and talk about the star work that they’re doing around privacy, proudering reporting things like that and around you know, Brave’s blocking and manifest E3 and all that stuff. So I’m working on getting a couple of heavy hitters from the team on that end to join the call either next week or whenever they’re able to and then we can really go deep into that topic. That makes sense for folks. Let me see here. Gears, we’re going on the art. Bowser, did you have anything else you wanted to kind of surface from update wise or anything like that? You’re not really, I came on a little bit late, but I think Drew kind of covered the big event and the discord. Cool. Excellent. I’m just kind of looking around. Oh, I will say it did appear with the new update related to the tease and the break wall, you know, among other things that users might still be having to manually add in their NFTs into the regular version. I could be mistaken. Oh, for the NFT gallery feature. I think Douglas Daniel, I’m going to put you on the spot. You’re here, right? If I recall correctly, there’s discoveries coming, right? For that. Yeah, yeah. Currently working on asset discovery. So that feature will be in the pipeline right now. Yeah, it’s the manual manual. But the gallery’s there. Like for what it’s worth folks, Douglas Daniel’s owner wallet team. And he also was just at what near con, right? Like. Yeah, yeah. How did that go, by the way? Oh, it was great. It was awesome to talk to other projects and learning what they’re doing and just making connections. It was great. It was beautiful. Awesome. Awesome. And speaking of travel to, I think Carlos is here because you were at Mainnet last week, right? What was one, not first off, how’s it going? And then second, how was Mainnet, if you’re available to talk? Hey, what’s going on? Sorry. It’s Friday. It’s 5 p.m. here. So I was just cooking. Oh, sorry, man. I know. It’s going to be on this one at the wrong time. It’s good. It’s good. No, that’s not really doing. So Mainnet was great. A lot of considering the market and the overall sentiment, crypto people are very optimistic. There’s a lot of stuff that we’re doing that our booth was pretty heavily traffic. Everybody came up to us and wanted to learn more about Brave, especially the Brave Wallet. And there’s a lot of things going on in terms of different chains. We want to bring other L1s into the Brave Wallet. There’s some interest more in advertising. So I think Mainnet overall was, I think they told me that, coincidentally enough, it was 1,000 more attendees than last year, which is great. It’s great. I think. Yeah. So the crypto community, such as everyone here, I’m sure, we’re here for the law hall. And I think that Mainnet was a great example of that. It’s interesting about the foot traffic. I remember when the last bull and bear cycle happened. It was night and day differences with the conferences in 2018 versus when things were super frothy. Yeah. I mean, coincidentally, also, Masari, who’s the research had that runs the conference, they announced a $35 million series beat at the conference. There were a lot of interesting talks. There’s a great talk on ZUCO and the TALES, like they did at TALES, the TALES was in Columbia. But ZUCO from ZCASH was there. And Bologgy also made an appearance too. Did a couple talks on the network state. And also two of the new L1s, like Sui from Mr. Lab’s and then Aptos, both did talks on different L1s. So there’s a lot of development still going on. So it’s great to see. Was there one area, like, I’m just kind of curious, was there one area like DFI or NFTs or, I don’t know, something else that was kind of standing out as what people were seeing, having more interest in versus another, was it a pretty even spread of thing? You know, it’s interesting. You know, Luke, you know, that we went to like Bitcoin, Mami. I remember last year. There was more mining infrastructure. That seems to be like, you know, that was really there. It’s from the Bitcoin companies. NFTs, NYC, those conferences are really NFT heavy. This Missouri is quite enterprise. So there were a lot of projects, a lot of L1s, a ton of L1s. You know, secret was there. A lot of cosmos. People were actually going down the Cosmoverse and medaging Columbia, which is happening right now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go. So I think it was more ecosystems really trying to gain traction with investors and VCs and true believers. I think that’s what Maynet really was. Cool. That’s great. Thanks for the update. Sorry to put on your mic in dinner. It’s all good. I do this every week. My kids know. Right on. Right on. Yeah, I think we can, as far as other updates go, I don’t have a ton. I know that we, yeah, don’t have a ton of come line. We just open it up for questions if people have any questions. Hey, real quick, Luke. Yeah, yeah, bring it. So we also had started a, I guess, a book club. I think this month it was the richest man of battle on. Pretty quick read. And so that’s for the month of September. We don’t have a day set, but that’ll be coming up probably next week or so. So if anybody is interested, they can grab the book and get it on that. And Jenny’s Jenny’s excited for that. And I know there’s several others that have been reading the book. So just throwing that back out there before it comes up and it gets too late. Get the book club going. You guys are 9,000 folks at it. The whole game is changing. I love it. I love it. Yeah. And I think one bit of news to you like I’m pretty sure it covered it last week, but I might not have actually like we did another wallet partner program announcement last week where we added 16 more apps that are partnered up with us and pretty pretty bullish on that. We have that on the website under the vlog section if anybody wants to go with there. But yeah, like with that further ado, let’s just jump right into a question as he bows has a hand up to and somebody else too. We can try, try brave be free. Let’s start with you and then we can jump to best. Hey there, look how are you? Hey, good. How are you? I did tell quite a few about us doing what the apps are. I was trying to tell somebody about brave things and doing what you do. And I had a idea. Is there any way would there be any way to manipulate or run the YouTube app through the browser with our own business with our own business, the brother is out? Yeah, that’s a great question. I mean like on so we have Android on mobile, there’s a feature for enabling background, video playback. And there’s also a picture and picture functionality there. And that’s one where if you’re on Android, it’s worth a try because that along with some of the routing that the native apps will take you to. Before I switched to defaults over, it was it was giant to go from watching YouTube on or even in the background on brave to then like getting thrown into the app where you’ve got all these ads. And I was seeing on Twitter too, there’s like people are like five or more no skip ads or pre rolling now, which is just bananas. But yeah, I think that’s one new area to look at on mobile. I’m not sure if we have back. I think we might have, if anyone on brave on this call with iOS can confirm background playback there. And it’s still me, it’s just because people including myself are lazy and when they all want to open up one thing and then Twitter, it’s either through browser or the app. I know it’s going to run that through a brave or something like that. Yeah, almost like if you go to like Reddit and brave and it’ll say you want to look at just on the app or look at it on the web kind of thing. Yeah, I think we’re trying at different things like this on the growth side. But it’s always a thing with search and trying to get people to set defaults. I think we’re putting a lot of focus on because of these changes like on YouTube. It’s one of the things where a lot of people, we just hear this anecdotally but also through feedback from the apps, the doors and other areas where people are blown away that we just basically have such a good experience in YouTube for free. And then it extends out beyond that and features like when Anthony Keen was on, when the mobile team talking about playlists, there’s a version that’s going to be landing in Android Nightly for people to test out. I think that’s another big game changer too where if you can start to set these things to progressively load and then have a playlist that you can put in the background, it’s pretty slick. Something that would be cool is the ability to extend it through Chromecast from the browser. I’m not sure where we’re at with that but I can check in and follow up next week on that one. So would that be kind of the same idea? Well, or from mobile you could cast YouTube to your TV basically. You can do that on desktop right now. I think mobile I think that might need to add or I think the functionality might not be the same there. Thank you. Yeah, you’re welcome. And yeah, good to hear you. I saw you see the other screen name. Thank you. All right, let’s see. Bows, you still got to hand up. What’s going on? Yeah, just to follow up on kind of why I was talking about earlier with the new update that was dropped today. I mean, that’s good stuff and I think it is law school that you know, first you would release it that way before the automatic discovery. But at this kind of why the mention or that you might want to consider editing your article because I think the or maybe like consider like word voice a little bit differently because I think when most people read that they assume it has auto discovery. And yeah, that’s good. And the problem we’ve already seen is several of our community members have been like, it doesn’t work. What’s going on? Am I doing something wrong? And I’m just kind of like, oh gosh, I hope I’m not on red tonight or tomorrow. I’m seeing like 50 different posts or a lot of people not posting, but also just saying it doesn’t work. And then it causing, you know, actually, it’s herioration like how people view the wall because they misunderstand what the update actually implemented. That’s a really good point. No, like we’ll go through it and I’ll take that back to like the ComSync NC if we can be a little more clear on that. Okay, cool. Yeah, I don’t know, Douglas, do you have a sense of when, and sorry to put you on this spot again, but you might have a better answer from the me on this like any sense of when that discovery might ship? Yeah, it should be a nightly right now, but the from what I can tell, I think Nick was working on it. And it’s it’s discovery for ERC 20 tokens. And that’s what we’re implementing to start. And then from there, we’ll implement ERC 20 ERC 721 tokens. And then also I’d support for EVM chains. So that’s kind of where it’s at right now. So I know it just landed in nightly just for ERC 20 maybe yesterday. Yeah, and I was testing it out this morning and it seemed to be working. Yeah. No, that’s great to hear. Yeah, and that’s a good point to look and make sure that I’ll see if I can get some more clarity on that blog post. Perfect. Cool. Yeah, I’ll see you guys. There’s James. I would add James. Oh, hey James. Or hey, key for our focus is really on nailing auto discovery. So getting all the altos also making this work for Solana as well. So that’s a big, big thing. I totally agree it’s kind of table stakes and I think a lot of people just expect that functionality, especially since you’re likely starting from Metamaster or Phantom and then coming to the wall to bring all it that we’ve just got to nail that cold start problem and have the assets all up here. I also wanted to follow up on that last question about the playback. Could you have background audio playback setting inside iOS? There is also a setting to disable universal links. So links that, you know, if you’re going to YouTube and it’s launching YouTube app, you can actually turn this off. It’s under brave shield settings, which is maybe a little odd of a place for it, but I know that’s where it is on iOS. It may be in a similar place on Android, but I haven’t checked in a while. Awesome. No, thanks. And I realized that was strange. But is there anything else from the wall side, any updates or any other info that you wanted to share that you might find interesting? No worries either way. But yeah, I mean, we’re really just focusing on kind of closing the gap with usability on the wallet. We have a lot of very crypto savvy users that, you know, our feature set might be a little shallow still. So we’ve, you know, we’ve been putting a whole bunch of effort behind brave swaps. We’ve got a new V2 that should also be rolling out next quarter. This will also expand onto the web. So we’ll have like swapped out to compete against something like Macha. And also on the, for like crypto curious users, one thing that shipped in 144 was a whole new onboarding revamp. So there’s a lot, should be a lot more touch points where users can kind of like drop into our, we have a little microsite slash 1 3. And so there’s more links out to that type of content to help users get familiar with crypto and what web 3 is. But just improving flows all around. So just tightening up the product, kind of looking at this year is just, you know, we’re kind of coming out of MVP and what are sort of the MVP features that we still kind of missing. Autodesk covering I think is a big one. And so we’re just kind of like getting to that now. But we should be wrapped up by this year. Awesome. Thanks James. That was great update. And I’m kind of looking at chat to a wrong Aaron Yaka that excess can brave users have a way to give a percentage of what we earned in the month of using brave is it might be helpful if can I get a little more context like like are giving a percentage to who like I guess is what I’m what I’m getting at like to somebody that’s not a verify creator or somebody I don’t know if you’re in the chat or in the room and you want to follow up on audio or whatever that would be. Yeah. Like for example, if you give like I know that there’s an auto tip right of like one bat five bat, etc. I was wondering if we could just give like an auto tip of a percentage of what we earned. Oh, exactly. Like 10% 20% yeah. I think that would be helpful. There’s auto contribute for percentage of that, but I think that’s distributed across all. We check with the team on I’ll put that I’ll send that upstream to them because I think that’s I think that’s interesting. Right, because I think right now it’s it’s only dependent on certain levels of bats. So be like one BAT or five BAT I could be wrong though. Oh, you can you can add a custom tipping amount, but it’s not based on the percentage like I like that that call out that you made for the percentage. So I think that that’s like a good one. Yeah, because like there were several months where I would get like maybe two bat and just giving 20% of what what was earned. I think that would be pretty pretty sweet. I agree. I think that’s great feedback. You can see here Larry Lensler not only has a great name, but has some good feedback. Yeah, so I think folks on the wall I call can probably take a look at that too. But yeah, if anybody else has any questions they want to raise or if I missed anything or see where I know you probably got some questions to you. I’m happy to have you to catch those. Sorry about the kids in the background. I know I didn’t have anything based on what you guys were talking about, but I’m trying to look one of the things it did come up recently. Is there a way for anybody to be able to have a non-tor version of Brave? There’s people that said they’re trying to use it at their businesses, but their IT team won’t allow anything like a tour. So Brave is unusable. Yeah, there’s actually I believe we double check the Wiki, but I think that there’s a version or there are instructions on how to remove that because we also ran into this when we were doing some pilots with some universities and stuff where their IT departments were like anything that had tour like was at no go. And I think that there are some instructions on the Wiki for that. I can dig them up and share them probably after the call. I mean, I know that I’ve got your DM on Twitter, I can send that to you. Okay. And I guess, one thing to keep in mind if it would be possible to actually put that on the official page where people download to have the option between which one they’d want. Yeah, I think that could come with time too, I think depending on kind of having like almost like an enterprise-friendly version or something like that. Yeah, I think that that could be in the cards in the future. Okay. And I guess one of the others that people had recently asked is for Brave Talk. There’s an option where you can do live streaming to YouTube. Is there an option? I think that there is. Yes. Yeah, no there is. I’m sorry, I’ve got a thing because of the hurricane where I was. Oh, no worries, no worries. I hear the sound of the background, no problem. But yeah, so what it was is we do have one for YouTube, but people wanted to know if there was going to be options for them for anywhere else like Twitch or what have you or we’re just stuck with YouTube only. Got it. I’m going to pick on Marshall Rose because he works closely with the Brave Talk team and with our partners there. Have you heard anything about any other streaming options? I haven’t heard anything at all, but what I will do is this very instant, I am typing a message to the backend people and saying what about, sorry, just a second. Okay. Besides live streaming, sorry to YouTube, how about live streaming to Twitch? What other ones? I have a list. I did not have a list and I can’t find. I’ll have to look for the post of where they were asking about it. I just knew I’d come up. I thought. All right. Odyssey. Okay. Well, tell you what, I’ve got two here and they are in a different time zone than what I’m in, but let’s see if I have something. Is something tomorrow. And if so, I will, I will, right away, I’ll plan on being on the call next week and I will update everyone as to where we are. So Luke, put that in your punch list for next Tuesday. I am now. And I’m sorry. So I just pulled up the post when I was looking at it. It was four days ago. So on this one, they said what, to like, Discord or Twitch is the two that they mentioned. All right. I heard Odyssey and Railgun. So I will. Oh, rumble, rumble, I think. All right. Twitch, Discord, rumble, Odyssey, Railgun, etc. How does that sound? Sounds good. I think Railgun is probably not is not related unless there’s a Railgun thing. I think that’s more under cryptosite. But that’s awesome, Marshall. Thank you. And I’ve got a punch list item to check on that next week. And I also, while we’ve been talking here, got a ping from Pete Snyder and Ryan Brown on Pete works on our privacy side and Ryan works on web-compatent blocking. And they both are game to also join next week to talk about Manifest V3 and our star privacy stuff and ad blocking too. So that’s, that’ll be great for next week too. All right. Awesome. And a lot of the rest of the stuff that I have is either going to be rewards and creator side of things, which I know we usually look for Jimmy or it’s going to be the privacy side. So I guess I’m tapped out for now. Okay. I mean, there’s any lying ones I’d be happy to kind of take a swing, but yeah, if it’s more detailed or whatever we can get in with Jimmy next week or the privacy guys too. Right. Well, you know I’m always going to be asking about updates on regions of weekly things. So that would have been one if you had anything. Yeah. I don’t have one on that one. Unfortunately, I’m waiting for the team to get back to me on that because it’s near and dear to my heart as well. Right. And I guess the other thing is it’s been reported. I don’t know who looks into it, but on creators, it’s continuously telling people pay out in progress. I’ve already received payment. It’s still saying in progress. I can’t see my statements. And there’s other people who say they’ve not even received their payouts. It’s still seeing payout in progress. So okay, I’ll take that back to Jimmy too and and see if he’s got any updates. He’ll be he’ll probably be here next week too, but yeah, let me get status on that. Right. Okay. And I guess that was kind of trying to look. Other things was going to be asking like how long does our sync data stay on the servers, you know, before it’s erased like if someone lost their device. So it will be that. I don’t know if you have an answer or wait till next week. I know. And then it was going to be like will there be a playlist available on desktop to be able to have that like offline downloads and all. Yeah, playlist is teams working on playlist for desktop and for Android as well. Android will probably ship first. And we don’t have an ETA for that, do we? Android. And trying to recall, Anthony was sounded like it was really close on nightly for Android. So I don’t I would default to two more weeks, but probably no. Okay, because I know there’s been a lot of well, some kick back in places where people keep hearing soon soon, but it’s been like several weeks of it was like how soon to soon.

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I know it’s a define is right like there. There’s a but yeah, I think that what’s he going to say like. We got a demo of playlist on our all hands call last week. It looks really slick. They’re really close to like having something for people to start using in nightly. And Anthony actually like was was showing me. There they’ve been marketing playlist pretty heavily in Japan and it’s really taking off to you. So we’re starting to take some learning from that and apply that on the iOS marketing side. And what Android hits is going to be like a big deal to because yeah, all the bandless savings and the ability to offline it and all that good stuff. So we’re super eager to get that out there because we think it’ll be a great growth and retention. Hacked to. Okay, right, which hopefully will be good. And I know playlist is still being worked on like lately a lot of people, a couple people have posted about how their playlist is shown. What was the word? I’ve got it up here. I’ll. I’ll date it. I think it was. Oh. Yes, I was trying to pull up the right window if I can, but I only have. Yeah, expired. So we did have Michael who responded and was saying he thinks it might be a server side. Might update the internal you are and to make sure to do it offline. So we’ll just have to check, but it was one person from Japan and one person from I don’t know where. Okay. Yeah, I know anything specific to that one, but yeah, we’ll keep in. I have for it. I’ll double check with Anthony to see if they have any other solutions. Right. Yeah, I’m sorry. So it looks like that was pretty much going to be at the only other thing I haven’t seen what statements look like, but on creators, are we not having a way to be able to see individual tips like I had someone who said, Hey, I sent you one bat. Did you get it? When I look all I can see is the total for the month, but I wouldn’t be able to tell did that one bat come through or was that like a bunch of other people stuff? Yeah, I know that like it’ll come from brave. It’ll come from the same brave account. Basically, like the tips will come through. Like we don’t specify like who tip directly like on that. We’re working on like a peer to peer on chain tipping that’ll come later that. And aside from that, there’s the ability to kind of like to tweet that stuff out, which I know isn’t the same. One area we’re looking at and under all hands call last week, Brennan, talk about this a little bit more as ways that we can, you know, and more virality, like I have more, you know, social elements to to to rewards and to creators, things like that. And so it’s something because you know, all these things are the more of the features like this that we ship, the more people retain as brave users, right? Like and as bat utility and bat holders. So these are all areas where like this year, we put a ton of effort into, you know, scaling up the infrastructure and like making sure that, you know, we can handle like growth and all that. And I think like we’re getting into a spot where it’s like, okay, like how can we start to game and fight things more? How can we start to build in features that our creators want and users want for creators? Like just like what you’re talking about too. Along with like, you know, making sure we’re not going overboard with like, you know, breaking privacy promises or anything like that. It’s a balance for sure. Yep. Awesome. So yeah, you pretty much had everything else it’s going to be for next week. All the other thing I’ll say is off top of my head is can we change the way that the logins work for creators to have to constantly go in and enter the email, receive the email, click and then if we do have to factor authorization, they have to put that. And I’ve checked off to where it’s supposed to keep me logged in for 30 days, but it will log me out daily or more time or multiple times a day. And that does get frustrating. Yeah, I can feel that frustration and I know that there, this actually came up to, internally, this past week because we have some other feedback from users on it too. It’s probably be one Jimmy would would have a proper or better answer for than what I have, but I know that we’re discussing the options around that and how we could tie this in with some, you know, potentially with wallet and other things too. All right. Awesome. So yeah, I don’t have anything else for this week. Cool. Cool. Appreciate you bringing the questions as always. And anybody else have any question? Hopefully, C-Ray doesn’t turn into an actual literal C-Ray this week with the hurricane coming through. I know. Seriously, man, like hang in there and those alarms or the sirens are pretty gnarly. Narley. Larry Linsler asks to you, is it possible to tip brave creators on Reddit on Android? Any update on when custom tip of mouse will come to mobile? I think those are probably like Q1, but let me check with Chris and find out more. They’re working on a big piece of infrastructure work around creators right now and in rewards. And I know that that’s been kind of taking priority in the queue around some other things like to shore some things up over there. So. All right. Who has a hand up? The clearest, how’s it going? Thanks. You’re welcome. Yeah. I just want to ask, is there any update on like tools for creators such as a bat version of Patreon or using bat to Super Chat or I think was mentioned two weeks ago, the using an NFT to unlock a channel and discord that kind of stuff? Yeah. So some of that’s like still getting, you know, respect out, worked on early stage work on that is happening. I don’t have any like concrete updates from the last time this came up, but other than like we’re kind of putting some planning around that like I said earlier to you like with the these tools for creators like these options, these additional ways to tip or add some reality to it. Like this all is like top of mind. Like right now there’s a lot of focus on like, okay, like we’re growing users like, but also like like making sure that we’re retaining users at the best level we can and building in features and that help with retention like VPN for example is like great for retention because if somebody’s using VPN in the browser, most likely to be coming back rewards is great for that like in our retention among rewards users is like very high because they like earning rewards and earned to the model. You know, those types of things don’t appeal to everybody right? So like certain things with creators do appeal to a broader audience or there’s like a way we can even with the wallet just like, you know, Venmo just showed you a key or could like like in people help to you know donate to people that are looking in need or whatever like these are things where we already almost have some of this stuff ready. It’s just kind of a matter of getting the ground game out. And I think one thing we’ve been doing and you know like feel like Paland and other folks too like that are helping with regional communities is like one like kind of now that school is getting back in session like what can we do more around like college campuses and getting feedback from folks around there too on what we can do with this model like we do that back in 2018 and we actually got a lot of good info out of it. And then also like you know what getting more engaged with creators. So our creators team has been doing more meetings with creators and getting feedback in and kind of walking them through some of this work that they are speccing out and getting feedback too. So hope that helps. I did not concrete date answer but you know something. Oh yeah much appreciated it’s just yeah I just really would like to see that happen because I feel like it’s a big hole in that triangle you guys are trying to make in that what is it creators advertisers and consumers. And I want to see it because I feel like every week that goes by like creators are just like getting more out there with like yeah like help monetize us through Patreon or you know you know X, Y and Z thing or like and so I’m seeing this it was kind of like what we saw a couple years ago when they first started to demonetize like the creators and changed the rules and things like that but right now it’s just like it’s almost like desperation from creators around you know I want to earn you know it seems like that’s getting more and more put at risk. So I think these are pretty hot items too. Oh now it’s a great time because Patreon keeps coming up with more and more BS rules that they put on their creators so each day that passes by more and more creators are getting fed up with Patreon. Yeah. Alright, appreciate that. No problem. We’ll set the hand up. That’s a Bows. What’s up Bows? Bows you have a question? Yeah you kind of mentioned like trying to get engaged with like college campuses and other stuff like that. And I think like me and you kind of like we’re in the same message group or like my briefly touched on this before but in just going to end up being kind of a two-parer but you know right now in the US at least a lot of people especially women especially younger women are like way way more concerned about privacy than like ever before in my entire lifetime and like I know that for a fact and just like how many people it’s like come up in the conversations you know just because of various reasons with like things that happen in the US in the last year and like I’ve called to a few who were like oh I didn’t really get why you cared about brave or you know the privacy stuff at all but like now I get like now I really you know thing braves like the cool thing and I want to use it. And I guess like I just kind of wondered is brave like doing anything to try to take a badge of I guess it’s newfound interest. Got some roots for having? That’s a good question it’s kind of like a delicate thing too right because I think even if you step back from that particular context like marketing privacy is like kind of a challenge in itself because privacy means different things to different people especially depending on where you’re at in the world. You know I’ve said this like a million times so sorry for ad nausea but like you know if you’re in like Western Europe for example you know personal data and privacy has been regulated to the point where there’s kind of a clear definition where it’s with the US it’s like privacy is what you hear companies talking about privacy or you hear advocates talking about it but there’s not like hard and fast rules around the stuff in the same way that there is in Europe and in other parts of the world it might not even be on the radar right like but getting back to where to the question though like I think it’s even trickier to kind of broach like okay yes there is a greater need. How do you message that without it getting weird right like or uncomfortable because it’s an uncomfortable topic right like and I think that there’s what we’ve been doing segmentation research on because even aside from you know the recent changes in how laws interpreted or approached on that topic like I feel like the great thing about brave is that the value props are universal like everybody needs privacy everybody wants a cleaner web right like but how do you message that in a way that you know resonates with different types of people and so we’ve been working on testing out different types of messaging that could go to the audience that you’re talking about without it being explicitly about certain topics that are sensitive to people depending on where they’re at. Yeah and I mean I definitely wasn’t suggesting any sort of political no no the shirt shirt you know I think it’s just figuring out what parts of life privacy in different regions you know people actually care about figuring out how to get problems on that hey we feel this need that’s only you realize you have. And it’s interesting too because like different parts of the world like have different conditions right like we’ve been doing a bunch of research into this too like you know outside the US people have a real need to monitor their data consumption like and I think there are some stats around it might be Japan or Southeast Asia where like the macro trends toward the end of the month people are less active on social media because they’re conscious of their bandwidth that they’re using on their mobile plans right so like for context like that like it’s situation like that like I mean I was looking I think it tweeted this out last week but I was saved over like 300 megabytes of bandwidth month to date right like a TMS message where it’s like brave saves you data like bandwidth you know like those types of things like could resonate really well in one area whereas like you know privacy might resonate really well somewhere else or maybe there’s like an element of like what about this privacy is like you know is a real key takeaway right like and so these things are like we’ve been putting a lot of work into different messaging like in different parts of the world and even differences in desktop and mobile and I think there’s still a ton of room like we’ve been trying to get more and more like continuous testing flows going especially around marketing and we’re starting to see some fruit from that like in some you know better attention and some better like monetization things like that starting to take place as a result but but you know there’s still work to be done there and I think that you know there probably won’t be like a one size catch all message but there’s a need to be right like I think it’s you know we get a lot of value whether it’s you know through the different features and fundamentally we deliver a lot of value just being user first and I think that you know those two things working together work pretty well but getting the message right it’s and sometimes you get surprised like you’re you’re like oh well you know I didn’t expect a rewards message should you really well in this area but actually I performed everything else so I think part of this is kind of finding and testing what works and then you know measuring inside and then determining what goes broader like for you know brand campaign wherever where where the stakes are higher and you’re paying a lot more money to get imaging out there yeah so I mean I definitely get like you know you we want the you know targeted you know some of us affected but at the same time you know sometimes people’s attention spans are short so I just hope like there’s not that potentially be like an instance where like there’s so much focus on perfecting the message to that you just kind of the moments pass but I guess getting off that topic because I feel like we kind of you know I’ve covered no no it’s a great point and and the only thing I push back on that was like it’s less about like perfecting the message and more of like there’s a Swiss Army knife of like ten different things we could say like about like oh speed or you know just cleaner or you know better battery life or data or whatever or is there maybe there’s like a broader message right like and and and where’s it best to put that message right like and and how does that message resonate with different types of people in one area right like and that’s the stuff we’re starting to get big enough to where we can you know study that a little more and test a little bit more but it’s not like we’re kind of like sitting and waiting on like oh this messaging is going to work it’s like no no no get this out there get it in the field like that kind of thing I sure and I guess along those lines to you know I’m glad to hear that parade is trying to have to do some initiatives around that but I mean sorry one more yeah yeah no worry but I’m kind of going back to you know just messaging and taking advantage of things so we’ve obviously have talked about math as feed three recently but a lot of the top we’ve had has been over handling thought or misinformation and stuff like that that’s like a native is brave planning or trying to take any initiatives to use this either a badge because you know so there’s a lot more people who are interested in different browsers that block ads 100 yeah like there’s there’s the where the team’s working on some content around this right now and then our marketing team’s also working on like getting a message out there around this because that’s one thing where it’s a huge benefit of using brave like and it’s one of those things where it’s like what I’ve talked about in the past where you know oh all of a sudden abstract theory starts to get practiced in the real world and it’s like yeah now brave has IPFS available right like as a feature below this manifest v3 thing came out like rumblings of it were in 2019 and right then that team was like you know redoing the adwalking engine to kind of defend against that too right like and so it’s a huge value like that we bring it’s like batteries included you don’t have to use the extensions anymore and it works better like by the way like so I think that’s a huge win and a huge marketing you know opportunity for us and I also just to kind of like go back to your previous point too it was like I don’t think there’s any faster growth hack for brave right now than figuring out how to connect with the other after the population that we aren’t really connecting with like I think it could be one of the fastest things that we do for growth and I think there’s some wins there that could be explored more like I think like recipe sites are like so much easier to use in brave because if anybody is not saying it’s just like a nightmare I tweet out this couple of times and there’s some of the highest engaging tweets I put out are around like how much recipe sites s*ck and then how brief fixes that kind of thing. I think like YouTube ads and recipes like these little things that like they’re big things when you when you when you get down to like everyday life kind of stuff I think we get probably do a better job of standing those up for a broader audience too but yeah yeah that makes sense and like yeah I think it’s you know feeling I’m feeling proud to really anyone and you know definitely just privacy stuff in general is a selling point I mean I know people who use iPhones literally just because they be on this more private I mean I don’t use iPhone but I know people do that was a reason to use it so I mean just having that perception the market is pretty clutch sometimes. Well I think to you there’s ways where we could be like surface of a different type of referral program that’s more friends and family oriented to because like we’ve had a couple of growth sessions where we pulled in people from across the company into a room and just like game plan things out and one of those things that we keep landing on is like look like we want to go market big but like who are you talking to in your marketing big are you talking to everybody or are you talking to that one person that everybody goes to in their family for the tech right like that’s the person I want to resonate with but like what will we need to like help spread that like wildfire and I think like something like a referral program around like friends and family sharing and we’ve been kicking a rest around internally could be great for this but it could also be a great bridge to getting you know other like significant others and other people that my nest is not necessarily like go discovered on their own right like and so these are things to like the teams and putting on we’ve been putting a lot of focus on the growth and like how we can like you know tweak the approach there to to grow like healthy standing that are likely to stick with us for a long time so I think that’s one of those areas where you know we’ll keep you updated on that too but I think it’s plays into those points that you made earlier like you trust a friend if a friend is telling you something like that they that you should try out like you’re probably more likely to take their word than even an influence or somebody else saying that you know so for sure I had something else but I’m pretty sure I forgot so I know where he’s doing here or it looks amazing as usual thank you sir I am scrolling chat I don’t know if anybody else has any other questions see Ray actually I’ll jump in with one more that I was going to wait for next week but out of curiosity we’ve had discussions lately about brave and it’s revenue is there anything that’s actually known to the public is we’re curious how much of the revenue is from like ads versus other portions of the company yeah that’s a good question I mean like we we’ve we’d definitely put out advertising related information like the bat purchases for example that said like what’s not typically just those areas like our bat campaigns right like and then we also have revenue from wallet where we have swaps but we just on ramps that we make revenue from and some of the definitions public information some of it’s not so there’s not like a full picture of everything one thing that we’re always trying to do is like put more transparency out there but I think you’ll probably see more of that come from like search in other areas as we go for I know people are turning it’s it is really healthy especially right now for you to have concerns like like we’re in good shape like from as far as like you know company health wise goes what we’re trying to do and what we’ve been doing ongoing is like you know one like the revenue potential there with these wallet products and things like that like standing up executing that getting getting regular use going is is a stage where now we’re continuing to make money up advertising but like all that info isn’t public necessarily but like the companies in good order we’re not laying people off and and you know I think I can probably bring Brendan on I can’t promise next week but like soon to kind of go over some of these things that they’d be helpful or people could ask him questions to like yeah I have you know more concrete replies to some of this stuff just resting assured like you know like we’re one of those things that’s great about being accompanying like brave is that you have like diversified revenue streams so and if like crypto we’re gone there are premium product we can put out there and we’re very much in crypto camp and and you know crypto is not going away any times yeah and hey balls if you can hear your microphone spin going and really want to touch my keyboard plus I saw so long when I actually thought I might run it out of time I do have one last thing I was gonna I remember while I was not asked can we get brave to put out like any like law posts or official statement just for relay it to regions and maybe there was one I just miss it but it’d be like great if we had something to point to beyond just like community yeah let me let me talk to this is kind of part of the the bit I’m waiting on getting a response well I know that they’re working like I said before they’re it’s a pretty heavy work going on on the rewards and creators side right now and what I’ll find out is if if we can put something out that’s more official from whether it’s a blog poster or you know another another reminder across community channels or something like that I’m assuming just just to push back on you on that one are would a blog post be the most ideal thing for us to put out from your point of view well I mean really just like any type of statement that got to because like it’s one thing then like some random guys like oh yeah they did this but at least if there’s something like we can point to where it’s like hey brave’s throwing something about like or maybe even the spawning what’s going on depending on how much I’ll feel you can share I think that would be a big improvement I agree I think it’d be good like because we’re yeah I personally have some concerns too with like how like you know I’ve been fielding DMs from people like that have had questions about it and yeah we could probably even link to the posts that we have there let me let me take it back to the team and see if there’s the app type doing that but it’s a good suggestion perfect I think I can turn off my mic with my elbow now so hey well the thing is now as long as you have raw meat on your hands we know you haven’t switched to the bug diet yet so there’s still hope in this future that we’re all a part of so I’m the appreciated thanks for the questions too and we’re coming right up to the we’re coming right up to the hour mark two so I think oh we got one hand up let me see if try to be tried brave be free I did want to say you brave you really need to be on my daily systems I think that would help you I hope you guys appreciate it yeah let me look into that a bit more but thank you try brave be free slash f google and be bro forever but appreciate thank you thank you all for coming back on and like I said before we’re going to have we’ll have a couple folks from privacy and welcome pad on next week and dig into manifest v3 a little bit more thanks boughs and drew and everybody thank you all for coming here gay Douglas James for everybody y’all y’all know who you are thank you all very much we’ll be back in one week and until then I’ll see you online and have a good week thanks all thanks see you

Interesting to see. However, accuracy seems much worse than you’d have gotten with YouTube’s default auto-translate. It’s kind of sad and really crazy to see how bad some of it was transcribed. Just a couple small things I noticed:

Pretty confident there’s a lot more, but I just did a quick scan to quote what really jumped out at me.

I mean, I don’t expect it to hear Saoiray (Saoi Ray) and know it should be pronounced like See Ray, but I would expect perhaps it to know Sea Ray, which is what was mentioned in that.

My main issue in reading it though is huge wall of text.

The Small model or the Medium/large model will greatly improve it. That time, there will not be a single mistake.

This guy has added timestamps to his OpenAI whisper transcription. He has used the Large model (best one) for it. The transcription is on the same level as a human.

I have found out, that we can use speech recognition and somehow bundle with Whisper to identify who spoke what sentence via Kaldi

The Youtube Auto-translate feature will not be able to do what the Whisper can do right now. Even the Whisper Base model is far superior to youtube auto-translate.
If there is a even a tiny bit of music in background, youtube recognizes it as music and cannot create subtitles for it. It just says [Music] whereas Whisper can do detailed transcription.

Umm, I was going to try but it’s not like they have a simple “download here” and then it’s a matter of opening and using. As I see it talking things like Python and all, I don’t have a clue. I went to use their site and created an official account, but then saw they charge money for it as well. Not to mention it’s not necessarily “user friendly” either. Probably could figure it out if I toyed with it long enough, but not important enough for me to dedicate a lot of time to. Unsure why some things can’t just be simple plug and play.

I found something for you

If it is not plug and play, someone will eventually make it plug and play.

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