Transaction not possible

Transaction failed

Transaction was failed due to a large price movement. Increase slippage tolerance to succeed at a larger price movement.

Also tried to set the gas to double what was proposed. Nothing changes!

Can anyone please help?

Error message

Please save the error message for future reference.

-32000: insufficient funds for gas * price + value

@curiousdrive What I can’t tell is how much ETH you have and how much you’re trying to use. For example, let’s pretend the 4.497 ETH in your screenshot is 100% of what you have. Then the issue you’d be seeing is because you have to reduce the amount so you have the ETH remaining to cover the gas fees. Are you making sure you have enough ETH in the Wallet that will remain in order to cover the gas?

I can assure that i have sufficient ETH to cover gas fees remaining

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