Transaction ID#?

hell0 can anyone help im trying to find my transaction ID number i submitted a transfer close to a week ago in my wallet history the transaction is showing approved but thw fee needs to be changed ans the browser interface won’t let me change it

Hello - What token and network were you using? Thanks!

i sent Eth and i was on the default Ethereum network

i can screenshot shot and show u better

You can see any confirmed txns by entering your wallet address here:

If you are trying to send in Brave Wallet and having difficulty, please try clearing your txn information.

You can find the setting here: brave://settings/web3

Clear wallet transaction and nonce information Clearing transactions may be useful for developers or when clearing state on a local server

hey Evan sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner buti have tried this but still still not showing the tx id

@ghostlike at least you’re living up to your name. Ghosted the topic for a while, lol. Let me tag in @Evan123 so he’s aware you replied and still having issues. Just strictly replying doesn’t necessarily send notifications, which can make it likely for replies to slip under the radar and be missed completely.

Oh, and @ghostlike can you verify which OS you’re on and what version of Brave you’re using?