Transaction fee uphold to coinbase


does someone knows how the transaction from Uphold to Coinbase fo BAT would be?


You can preview the transaction fee from your Uphold account.

Or maybe and Uphold support team can help.


thank you - the best would be to contact the uphold team; dynamic costs are hard to consider :slight_smile:

The fee to transfer BAT out of Uphold is quite breath-taking at the moment.
It’s better to wait for Eth 2.0 to happen first, if you can.

*edit: sorry, from one hosted wallet to another, it appears quite cheap… my own experience with this still has my head spinning so I didn’t fully grasp your question till a few minutes later :upside_down_face:
this was a year ago…

*edit2: and…


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thanks for answering: what i have seen in my wallet would be nearly 10BAT if i would transfer my BAT to BAT of another wallet. So better to stay at Uphold

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Yeah, it seems to be about 55% to 60%+ network fee at the moment.

Could you tell me 55% of what? Of the price of the BAT? Or sth else ? does this change by time?

Yeah, I meant a fee % of the BAT amount you want to shift, sorry.

Yeah the fees are insanely high.
For me, I found it much cheaper to withdraw to a bank account as USD. At least last time I checked it was.

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That would be nice. Unfortunately for me, Uphold isn’t able to add a bank account using SWIFT right now.

It’s pretty amusing, too, because if you go here…

…it seems possible. But at the very bottom there’s this:

So you can imagine the runarounds and digging I had to do to find what I could do. I even entered my information according to those directions because I did not see that footnote- it’s something you would think would be right under the title. I noticed the next day a very unusual address, in another part of the world, listed in my account as my bank. It was only then I found what I actually needed to do. :upside_down_face:

I thought id change mines to bitcoin cash for the cheaper transaction fee. Didnt have much to start with but long story short the withdrawal fee added to the transaction fee took 94% of what brave paid leaving me with 27 pence GBP(around 40 cents)…robbing b@stards uphold!

Just not worth the hassle.